Star Wars

Session 2
Session 1

After descending from the Cruiser, the republic agents headed towards a small diner where Virtigo was said to be staying.

At the same time, a Duro smuggler was in that diner having a drink. A Rodian came up to him and pleaded with the Duro to help him. The smuggler agreed. During this conversation the backstabbing, traitorous, BASTARD stole the smuggler's ship keys.

Also in the dinner a Hutt bounty hunter plotted the death of the terrorist Virtigo. 

The Duro chased after the Rodian. The republic agents chased after the Duro. The bounty hunter chased after the republic agents. It ended in a standoff in an upstairs apartment, with Virtigo holding the Rodian hostage. After the Rodian was killed Drodghar the bounty hunter threw a thermal detonator, destorying the room and nearly killing the Hutt bounty hunter.  All involved raced after Virtigo down the street, shooting him in the back many times. He somehow reached the spaceport and, after unnecessarily killing most of the spaceport staff, he fled in Gack's starship. After trying to blow it up (with yet another thermal detonator) Drodghar was shot by Gack.

The Beginning of the End

A small Republic cruiser enters the atmosphere of Ord Mantel. A elite squad of troopers and a bounty hunter ready for combat. They are on a mission to capture a mysterious terrorist who has left ashes in his wake. Nobody knows where he comes from or what's he's doing but all they know is that he's dangerous


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